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Click Restraint

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When we have a question or are searching for sources, we likely turn to a search engine to help us find answers. We often click on the first result—perhaps because sifting through all the results takes time, or because we assume the first result is the most trustworthy. But the first result is not always the best place to start. Spending a little more time scanning search results can help us make a more informed choice about where to go first.

This lesson introduces students to click restraint, a strategy that involves resisting the urge to immediately click on the first search result. Instead, students scan the results to make a more informed choice about where to go first.

How to Find Better Information Online: Click Restraint

When searching for information online, don't automatically click the first search result!

Crash Course Video #9: Click Restraint

In this episode of the series, John Green discusses how search engines generate results and teaches how to use “click restraint” when deciding which results to open.